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Can you add to an existing area of artificial grass?

There might be a few reasons you want to add artificial grass to your existing artificial lawn. You might have accidentally damaged the area, you’ve removed a piece of hard landscaping, or perhaps you’re so happy with the results you want to add some more!

Generally there’s no reason you can’t add to an existing piece of artificial grass, you just have to keep in mind that it will not look identical to the lawn already laid.

Some things to remember:

  • If you’re choosing the same grass to add to the area, and you are purchasing years apart, there is still potential for batch variation so the grass may still not look the same. Products can also be updated and improved from their initial introduction.

  • The grass will also be brand new so will not have the same wear and tear as on the existing area.

  • Roll back the existing grass carefully, taking care not to damage it.

  • The ground works for the area will also have to be prepared to meet the existing lawn.


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