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Our longest, most luxurious grass!

Pile height: 47mm

Colour: Khaki and beige thatch, light, mid and dark blades

Yarn: Polyethylene & polypropylene 

Guarantee: 10 year product and 5 year installation

Roll size: 2M & 4M widths

UV stable: Yes

Drainage holes: Yes

Sand fill required: No

Supply only available: Yes


  • Multi Coloured Yarn – a tri-coloured yarn and bi-colour thatch for true to life look

  • Multi Directional – imitates the appearance of real grass

  • UV stabilised - so that the colours will remain vibrant

  • Backing - water resistant and pre-punched for drainage, so you can use it after heavy rainfall without the risk of any mud!

  • What’s more, ALL of our artificial grass come with a 10-year guarantee!

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