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Is artificial grass fire proof?

Artificial grass is made of plastic and will melt under extreme heat. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a barbecue in your garden.

If you have decking or patio we recommend using your barbecue on these areas rather than on your artificial grass, the further away from the grass the better.

It is possible to use gas barbecues on your lawn as long as the heat is sufficiently above the grass but avoid using charcoal barbecues with direct contact to the grass. This reduces the risk of melting from the base as well as from flyaway embers.

The same basic principles apply for bonfires or fireworks, try not to use them too near your artificial grass. It is after all made of plastic and will melt.

Similarly cigarettes left carelessly on the grass will melt the local area. Make sure you have plenty of ashtrays on hand to stub them out, preferably with bottoms that will not transfer heat. Alternatively, do not smoke in the garden.

As with a natural lawn it is always best to be careful when dealing with fire, especially when there are children around. As long as you follow our advice there should be no problems to having a barbecue or other similar items in your garden.


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