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Can you install artificial grass onto paving?

An artificial grass paving installation is easily done, providing the existing patio or paving is in a good condition. It can also be installed with a layer of soft underlay to create more of a cushioned feel underfoot.

The grass can generally be stuck down using adhesive, or you can use a double sided tape. Be aware the adhesive for artificial grass installations is intended to be very strong so if you ever want to remove the grass it may leave a mark.

We would not recommend installing onto stones or slabs in poor condition (broken, uneven etc) as the grass may not be able to be secured effectively. This would not only hinder the appearance of your grass but create potential trip hazards!

The success of your artificial grass installation on top of patio or paving will also depend on how well the existing surface drains water. If you experience surface water then this will also occur with the artificial grass on top. This can be an issue for some concrete areas.

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