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Is there an ideal time to install artificial grass?

The good news is, there is no ideal artificial grass installation time as it can be completed any time of the year!

The peak season for landscaping projects is between spring and summer, with our own peak season running from around March to August. During this period, we receive a high volume of enquiries so it’s more likely there will be a longer lead time to your installation compared to the low season. We recommend giving yourself plenty of time if you want your garden ready for the start of spring or summer.

Apart from that it’s really down to your own preference, with three main considerations; convenience, anticipation and investment. When is it a convenient time for you to have it installed? Is there a particular time your lawn suffers that you would like to avoid experiencing this year? Do you have the funds to carry out the transformation?

Artificial grass makes it possible to use your lawn at any time of the year, so if you’d like to use it more then the time is now!


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