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Can artificial grass solve a mole infestation?


An artificial grass mole infestation will not be any issues for you, when you have your new lawn.


For starters, general building and construction work tends to dissuade moles from popping up in areas. Installing artificial grass involves some digging and the use of equipment such as a whacker plate which makes noise and vibrations is unwelcome to a mole.


As well as this we can put down a mole barrier. This is some wire mesh laid down before the aggregates that deters the mole from digging any further. As if that wasn’t enough, the layer of aggregates are not an ideal environment for moles to burrow through, so they are deterred once more from coming up to the surface.

Installing artificial grass is a humane way of dealing with a mole infestation that not only deters moles from returning but also repairs the damage they have done. It can be difficult to re-seed a lawn that has been plagued with mole holes and tunnels, with earth churned up and brought to the surface.


By installing artificial grass you have the ground levelled with a secure draining base and a lovely green lawn all year round.

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