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Where can I use artificial grass?

You can install artificial grass in almost any location you can think of. The most common installations usually involve the replacement of a traditional lawn but we ably work with patios and children’s play areas. By choosing Fake Grass Essex you are guaranteed a quality installation by a trained and experienced team able to cope with almost anything you throw at them!

Other places to use artificial grass are on balconies, rooftops and terraces. As long as we can get to wherever you want it laid, height is usually no great obstacle to its installation. This is an especially good alternative for city residences or corporate buildings where a traditional lawn space does not exist. Similarly it can be installed around outside swimming pools where grass is not present.

If you are a company, our artificial turf products can be used for exhibitions and corporate events. As the grass is fake, it can be laid under tents and inside without losing colour before your event is over.

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