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Which artificial grass do you recommend for dogs?

All of our artificial grass is dog friendly, so it’s really down to personal preference and what you think will be most suitable for your pet.

Continental is often chosen due to it’s shorter pile height of 22mm. Having shorter blades makes it easier to pick up any dog mess and clean the area. This might be quite important to you if you have more than one dog to look after, of if your family will be playing in the same area.

Luxury is also often chosen because of its durability and bounce back ability. It is longer at 32mm but is made of a plastic which is slightly better at retaining and regaining its vertical direction. If you have heavy animals lying or playing around on the grass you might want a grass that will bounce back with more ease. Though of course we also recommend giving your grass a brush every once in a while too as this will also help.

If you’re not sure which might be the best for your pets, request a sample pack and see for yourself the different options available. All of our grasses are unique, just like your dog, so maybe ask for their opinion too!


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