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40MM Harmony

The next generation in artificial grass. Harmony is the first grass in the UK to be made from 80% recycled plastic, and 100% plastic that could be recycled.

At Fake Grass Essex, we don’t support plastic waste. Our products are designed to last and guarantee a long lifespan by only using high quality materials. Many years have been spent improving our products to cater to our customers and we are proud to offer the first artificial grass product made from 80% recycled products which are 100% recyclable.

Harmony Specification 

Top Quality Pet & Child Friendly Artificial Grass

Pile Height: 40MM

Roll Width: 2M or 4M

Colour: Forest & Olive Green with a Brown Thatch

UV Stable

10-Year Product Guarantee 

Pre Punched For Drainage


Take a look below at some of our Harmony artificial grass installs

Screenshot 2022-10-31 at 13.49.12.png

Why is Harmony only made from 80% recyclable products?

Our most environmentally responsible artificial grass is made from recyclable plastic waste. The making of Harmony uses plastic waste from the agricultural industry by recycling the plastic used to protect and store foods and other objects into manufacturing the grass.

Only 20% of the artificial grass is made from unrecycled plastic to ensure your grass is protected against UV fading and provides the high durability needed for a longer lifespan.

Screenshot 2022-10-31 at 13.49.04.png

How is Harmony 100% recyclable?

Harmony is made from the same group of plastic polymers throughout. With no separation needed, this means 100% of it could be recycled.

The only non-recyclable elements are parts of the grass that are not made of plastic. This would be the small strip where two pieces are joined together with adhesive tape.

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