To ensure you have a perfect lawn for many years to come, the installation of your artificial grass needs to be carried out correctly.

Step 1

After your free site survey, Fake Grass Essex will lay out levels for your new artificial grass. 

Step 3

We will then lay 60-70mm of MOT Granite Type 1 and compact using a wacker plate to avoid sinkage and achieve a solid base.

Step 5

We will then lay and pin down a durable membrane to prevent weeds from growing.

Step 2

Using a turf cutter we will strip the existing lawn approx 80-100mm and lay block edging if required as a retainer for the new artificial grass.

Step 4

Approx 20mm of granite dust is then laid and screed to create a flat and even surface.

Step 6

The grass is then carefully laid into position across the whole area.

Grasses are then lined up and joined with a high strength seaming tape, the adhesive is then spread onto the seaming tape to ensure a tight bond.

Step 7

The artificial grass is then securely fixed around the perimeter of the whole area using 6" galvanised nails and mechanically brushed to sweep the pile.