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Artificial grass is child safe
Artificial grass pet safe

We specialise in supplying and installing artificial grass for schools and child safe surfaces for play areas. We can install a soft shockpad underlay when installing the grass that creates an even safer, cushioned feel to the surface. We have a wide range of different colours we can also install! Click here to view them!

Artificial grass is a great choice for nurseries or areas for young children. All of our grasses are designed not to graze, with some especially soft products that are ideal for kids to crawl around on. If you have climbing equipment artificial grass can be installed around these areas without problem. It is also possible to create a beautiful finish on a sunken trampoline.  

Our products are also incredibly easy to clean. It can easily hoovered when dry, or washed with warm soapy water. So whether you’re cleaning up after messy activities or would like to keep the area sterile artificial grass makes this very simple.



Artificial grass is made of soft and springy materials, which most animals find is perfect for running and rolling around on all year long! Introduce your family pets to our artificial grass and see how much they enjoy their new playground!

Artificial grass is a real life-changer for pets and owners, as the garden can be used all year round and without any muddy messes to deal with! It’s also really easy to clean!

The grass is highly durable, with a hard backing, so in most cases it is very difficult for your dog to destroy or dig up! We recommend waiting at least 24 hours before allowing your dog to use the lawn, to allow for the adhesive to set properly around any edges or where two pieces have been joined.

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